Bird-Themed Gifts ideas

I put together this list of exciting bird-themed gifts for you to get some inspiration to buy a gift for your friend bird-lover or even for yourself, why not?

All items except the bird shirts that are made by me DO NOT contain affiliated items. I am not making any money by showing them to you. This is just an honest heartfelt selection. I tried to select mostly handmade items manufactured by local artisans. All times are currently available for purchase while I write this article. I also made sure to check they were “real” and had any reviews posted.

I’m going to keep updating this post to make sure all bird gifts are actually available for purchase.

I hope you have fun and enjoy my bird gift ideas!


Cockatoo Scarf

Stay warm with this high-quality wool cockatoo scarf.
In the parrot’s beak is a strong clip that serves as a clasp. Costs around $160 CAD and it ships from the Netherlands.

Wings Scarf

This shawl is a beautiful piece of art. This work of art will surely elevate your wardrobe. Just put it over your shoulders to look & feel divine. This scarf would make the most amazing gift for your loved ones! It retails for $75 CAD and it ships from

Bird Jewelry

Birds are an adorable theme for jewelry. The flowyness of their wings and the delicacy of their shape make for an elegant piece to have on your accessories gift list.

We selected a few designs that we enjoyed on marketplaces below:

Sideways Bird Necklace

Price announced around $50 CAD. Ships from New York.

Fair Trade Fine Silver Bird Earrings

This beautiful hummingbird earring is being sold for $54 CAD and it ships from Mexico.

Sterling Necklace

This dainty sterling necklace is being sold for $22 CAD and it ships from Turkey

Cockatiel ceramic earrings

Handmade Cockatiel ceramic earrings. Ships from Ukraine and sells for $36 CAD.

Bird Feeder


This one might be a bit of an exotic choice. Hummviewer is a helmet created to let you view hummingbirds feeding right off your face. It retails for around $60 CAD.

Ferris Wheel Hummingbird Feeder

Attract hummingbirds with this hanging feeder containing three glass bottles with floral feeding tubes. It retails for $86 CAD.

Bird planters

If your friend enjoys birds AND plants, a planter can be a great gift!

Hanging Hummingbird Air Planter

This charming miniature planter can be ordered with an air plant or you could plant tiny succulents in it. It can be ordered through Etsy for $44 CAD. Shipping from US.

Brass Swan planter

This beautiful solid brass planter in the shape of a graceful swan can be ordered for $80 CAD. Ships from Canada.

Recycled Metal Ostrich Planter

This decorative planter is a fun addition to indoors or outdoors. Retailed for $80 CAD.


Bird Bookmark

This bird bookmark is a great gift idea for bird and nature lovers. It costs $15 CAD and it ships from British Columbia, Canada.

Kitchen items

Bird Cocktail Glass 

This is a delicate wine glass that is extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of drink choices in a casual or formal atmosphere. Price: $77

Hand-Painted Nature Mug

Wake to a beautiful view with these hand-painted mugs featuring flowers, hummingbirds, and butterfly scenes. Retails for $35 CAD. Shipping from US.

Bird Cork Coasters

These coasters portray nature’s wildlife in life-like, energetic form through vibrant and intricate watercolor paintings. Price: $36 CAD

Tea Diffuser Owl

If the person you intend to buy your gift loves tea AND owls, this is simply the best gift! It costs $26 CAD and it ships from Ukraine.

Wall mounts

Birds Hanger Wall Mounted Coat Rack

The unique bird designed wall mounted coat rack is an exciting fusion of decorative art and necessary function. Retails for $110 and it may take around 35 days to arrive because it ships from Hong Kong, but it is definitively a beauty to wait for.

Birds Metal Wall Decor

This metal wall art has a minimalistic design and it fits in a better way to the Bedroom, Dining room, Bathroom, and any place in your beautiful house. Price: $60 CAD. Ships from Ukraine.

Birds on A Wire Picture Hanger

This cute hanger can give your photos a special look. Retails for $34.


Crochet Bird Keychain

This adorable Mini Chick keychain can be attached to your keys, backpack, purse, pencil case, and so much more! Sells for $15 CAD. Ships from Canada.


Perch Lamp

A sculptural lamp to celebrate the beauty and poetry of a bird perched on a branch. More information on the artist website.