20+ Photos of Cute Birds Kissing To Help You Believe in Love!

Valentine’s Day is coming up and nothing better than seeing some cute birds kissing each other to get inspired. After all, romance is in the air!

In this article, we have 20+ photos of cute birds demonstrating their love for each other. A sweet reminder of how adorable birds are.

Do birds kiss?

In case you’re wondering, yes, birds kiss! It’s not exactly a kiss as we’re used to, but it definitively is a manifestation of affection.

Birds will kiss their partner especially during the courtship ritual and while they’re feeding each other at the nest. The female usually is stuck at the nest sitting on the eggs and the male will come to bring her some food through its beak in a process called regurgitation. It may be a bit gross, but well, it’s still a loving act!

Enough with the talking, let’s see some birds kissing.

Flamingos kissing

cute flamingos kissing
Did you know a group of Flamingos is called a flamboyance? – Photo by Marco Migliardi on 500px.com

beautiful flamingos kissing
It’s easier to wrap their necks around sometimes!

Macaws kissing

macaws kissing
sweet macaws kissing
Photo by Ahermin
strange kiss
Not sure how this kiss is working out – Photo by 9images

Lovely bird couples

sun conures kissing
Sweet couple of Sun Conures – Photo by Bored Panda

sweet conures kissing
Conures Kissing

beautiful birds kissing
Sun conures kissing – Photo by Funny Expo

Cockatoos Kissing

cockatoos kissing
These Moluccan Cockatoos look so romantic together! Photo by Phalinn Ooi
romantic kissing cockatoos
These are some sweet cockatoos! Photo by Liumangtiger
galahs kissing
Galah Cockatoos kissing – Photo by AvryWings

Cockatiels kissing

cockatiels kissing
Cute cockatiel kiss – Photo by Mighty Lohkamp

African Greys kissing

african greys kissing
These African Greys are making out in a complicated fashion! Photo by African Parrot

Amazon parrots kissing

amazons kissing
This couple of Amazon parrots is in for a cute romance – Photo by Funny Expo

Doves kissing

doves kissing
Romance in Venice. These doves really know how to pose for a picture! Photo by Birds and Baking
pigeons kissing
Pigeon kiss

Lovebirds kissing

parrotlets kissing
These fluffy balls are in love! Photo by Dorothy Lind

Cardinal kiss

cardinals kissing
Cardinal birds kissing – Photo by The Lord is my light

Flying kiss

flying kiss
Why bother to perch and kiss when you can fly kissing?

Parrotlets kissing

parrotlet skissing
Parrotlets kissing – Photo by Demilked.com

Penguins kissing

penguins kissing
Penguins kissing – Photo by Good Housekeeping