What Kind of Feathers Are In Pillows?

The type of feathers used in pillows comes from goose, swan, or duck feathers. There are two types of feather pillows: down pillows and feather pillows. They are collected from the chest, underbelly, and wing areas of the bird.

What kind of pillow should I use?

It primarily depends on your budget and sleep position. Here are the types of bird feathers used in pillows:

The down pillows are made with feathers plucked from the bird’s chest and underbelly. They are soft and ideal for people that enjoy very soft pillows. Because it takes more feathers to fill in the pillow, it may be more expensive. It’s not ideal for people that tend to get sweaty at night and it runs hot.

The feather pillows are made from wing feathers and have quills, being a bit more “pointy” than the down pillows. Get a thicker pillowcase (more thread counts) so you don’t get pocked when laying on one. They also need to be “fluffed” from time to time and are great for back and side sleepers.

Advantages of feather pillows

Despite the higher price tag, feather pillows can be very beneficial. But ignore it if you have allergies since they could collect dust mites.

  • Feather pillows will last longer than their regular synthetic pillows.
  • They provide soft support and can adapt to your body.
  • Feather pillows are made of natural materials.

Are feather pillows cruel?

There are places that pluck birds alive and force-feed them. It’s important to check where the feathers are coming from since you could be contributing to a very inhumane business. For that, there are a few certifications below that are given to inspected manufacturers. If possible, check for them when buying a feather pillow.

  • Responsible Down Standard (RDS).
  • Downpass
  • Global Traceable Down Standard (GTDS).

Do all pillows have feathers?

Not really. In fact, most people use foam, latex, or memory foam pillows. They are cheap but can collect a lot of dust and bacteria over time. Besides, they don’t last as long as feather pillows.


Feather pillows can be a good alternative to conventional foam pillows, just make sure to not get it from a place that has cruel practices.

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